Takamiya-kun and the Noblesse Oblige
Takamiya-kun to
Noburesu Oburiju

Episode 7

Original Air Date

February 16, 2014

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Takamiya-kun and the Noblesse Oblige (多華宮君とノブレス・オブリージュ Takamiya-kun to Noburesu Oburiju?) is the seventh episode of the Witch Craft Works anime series.

Living in Takamiya resident, Ayaka Kagari hide Medusa and the KMM Gang members inside her room and let them to live peacefully, as long as there'll be no harm for Honoka Takamiya. However, Kazane Kagari noticed something wrong with Ayaka and managed to get into Takamiya resident, to find out that Ayaka has merged her powers with Medusa.

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Major EventsEdit

  • Ayaka merged her powers with Medusa.
    • As the price, Ayaka lose her invincibility and lose to Kazane
  • On the same episode, she separated again with Medusa
    • Medusa got caught by Kazane but later taken by Lauran and Winé.

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