Takamiya-kun and the Mean Little Sister
Witch-Craft-Works Vol2 p090-091
Takamiya-kun to Ijiwaru na Imouto
Volume 2, Chapter 7
Release Dates
Magazine Release March 7, 2011
Tankoubon Release July 7, 2011
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Takamiya-kun and Kagari-san's After School Lesson Takamiya-kun and the Gorgon witch
Takamiya-kun and the Mean Little Sister (多華宮君といじわるな妹 Takamiya-kun to Ijiwaru na Imouto?) is the seventh chapter of Witch Craft Works manga. This is roughly equivilent to Episode 4 in the anime.

Being teased by his little sister , Honoka Takamiya met Tanpopo Kuraishi and Rin Kazari on his way school, while Ayaka Kagari is being convinced by the rest three. There Kasumi appears with her familiar, destroyed the Soldier of Rabbits and Rin's familiar, and the battlefield, and Kazane Kagari's supposed-peaceful day.

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Major EventsEdit

  • Honoka found out that Kasumi is a Workshop Witch.
  • Ayaka decided to protect Honoka 24/7.