Takamiya-kun and the Witches' Expectation
Witch-Craft-Works Vol1 p140
Takamiya-kun to Majo-tachi no Omowaku
Volume 1, Chapter 4
Release Dates
Magazine Release September 7, 2010
Tankoubon Release November 5, 2010
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Takamiya-kun and the Witches' Expectation (多華宮君と魔女達の思惑 Takamiya-kun to Majo-tachi no Omowaku?) is the fourth chapter of Witch Craft Works manga.

It is Sunday, Honoka Takamiya is having a meetup with Ayaka Kagari, and managed to found out more-detailed-yet-still-vague-meaning of "that white thing" inside his body. Once they gets into the mall, Honoka gets attacked by a trio but defeated by Ayaka. Later, they visited the room of Workshop Witches of Tougetsu City's "boss", who is none other than Tougetsu Academy's headmistress and Ayaka's mother―Kazane Kagari.

Full SummaryEdit


Powers and Abilities UsedEdit

  • Flame blast:
    • Ayaka Kagari
  • Heat manipulation:
    • Ayaka Kagari


Major EventsEdit

  • Honoka meets the Hoshiane trio.
  • Honoka made a direct contact with Kazane.
    • Honoka is welcomed into the Workshop of Tougetsu.