Takamiya-kun and the Mikage Family's Circumstances
Volume 7, Chapter 38
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Takamiya-kun and Mama's Old Scar Takamiya-kun and Kazane's Apprentice

Takamiya-kun and the Mikage Family's Circumstances is the thirty eighth chapter of Witch Craft Works manga.

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  • Shiori Mikage confirms that she knew Honoka when he was a young child, and still considers his mother a very close friend.
  • She is also revealed to be the friend that Komachi stood up for in high school, thus resulting in her bullying.
  • Shiori is revealed to treat her brother and daughter like servants.
  • It is revealed that Ayaka Kagari does not get on with Shiori very well.
  • Natsume reveals that originally Shiori planned for Natsume to marry Honoka, but states that these plans were stopped when Kagari came along.
  • Kasumi is continuing with her secret plans.
  • Kagari has a large collection of photo's (taken by Atori) and dolls of Honoka, indicating how deep her obsession with him goes.