Takamiya-kun and the Ivory Quintet
Witch-Craft-Works Vol1 p098
Takamiya-kun to Aivori Kuintetto
Volume 1, Chapter 3
Release Dates
Magazine Release July 7, 2010
Tankoubon Release November 5, 2010
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Takamiya-kun and the Witch of Animal Ears Takamiya-kun and the Witches' Expectation
Takamiya-kun and the Ivory Quintet (多華宮君とアイヴォリークインテット Takamiya-kun to Aivori Kuintetto?) is the second chapter of Witch Craft Works manga.

Honoka Takamiya is a normal student with a luck of always being paired with the school's princess―Ayaka Kagari. One morning, he goes to the school alone―without Ayaka's protection. Once arrived to school, he found Ayaka's torturing four members of the KMM Gang and found out that they were after "that white thing" (白いアレ shiroi are?). However, as one of them escaped, the KMM Gang manages to escape and kidnap Honoka, but five of them gets defeated by Ayaka. At other side, in a cafe, two old buddies meets again to talk about Honoka...

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Powers and Abilities UsedEdit

  • Flame blast:
    • Ayaka Kagari
  • Solid Object Manipulation:
    • Mei Menowa
    • Chronoire Schwarz VI


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