Witchcraft Works manga vol 1

Witch Craft Works is a Japanese fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Ryū Mizunagi. An anime adaptation is set to air in Winter 2014.


The plot revolves around Honoka Takamiya, an average student with no real talents or special abilities, and, in class, he sits next to Ayaka Kagari who is the "Princess" of the school. The two never talk to each other and any interaction with her result in attacks by her fan club!

Honoka somehow becomes affiliated with and protected by Ayaka when his life is in danger one day. To his surprise, Ayaka arrives to his rescue dressed as a witch and it is revealed that she is what is known as a "Workshop Witch". Honoka is under her protection, and, because of this close call, she is now free to openly protect him from whatever or whomever tries to endanger him!