Touko Hio
Witch Craft Works - OP 00.36
氷尾 凍子
Hio Touko
Gender Female
Classification Witch
  • Student
  • Part-time Worker
Affiliation Tougetsu Academy
Status Alive

Kana Asumi

Manga Witch Craft Works Chapter 4
Anime Witch Craft Works Episode 2
Touko Hio (氷尾 凍子?) is one of the caretakers of Ayaka Kagari in middle school along with Kanae Hozuki. They helped her to interact with society. She was the student council vice president until Ayaka Kagari replaced her. After it she became vice-vice president. She never questions Ayaka directly.


Touko is a girl of average height but of voluptuous build. Her hair is ice blue and curled at the ends. She has brown eyes.

She is usually clad in her school uniform, though she's also seen in several other outfits, usually her work uniforms from her various part-time jobs.


Touko is a very energetic, polite, and caring girl. Unlike many others who were jealous or spiteful towards Honoka due to his relationship with Ayaka, Touko was very supportive and considerate. She is very fond of Ayaka despite Ayaka's cold attitude towards her.


Touko is the oldest child of the Hio family, a clan of ice witches. Her family is quite large, Touko having eleven younger siblings. Her mother, Mafuyu, works at the Kagari family's main estate. Touko has many part time jobs in order to support her family and also works as an information broker, selling any worthwhile knowledge she's heard for extra money.

A few years prior to the main timeline, Touko and Kanae were appointed by Kazane Kagari to take care of Ayaka Kagari, who at the time was quite socially inept. Letting Kanae oversee Ayaka like a manager, Touko decided to be silent and enjoy it.

Then, Ayaka goes to the male division of Tougetsu Junior High, questioned by Touko and Kanae, yet she said nothing about it and keep peeping for a whole year, and Ayaka finally reacts when she finds "him," yet Touko seemingly didn't realize a thing...[1]



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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Takamiya-kun and his frozen parfait.

Touko is an ice-manipulating witch. Just from a mere touch she can freeze objects. Like Ayaka, she also can manipulate the temperature around her. Interestingly, Touko's power increases in proportion to threat. When she is placed in mortal danger her power skyrockets. In one instance she created a massive cold front that enveloped all of Tougetsu City. [2]


  • Despite of Touko always using her power around Honoka, Honoka is yet to notice her powers.

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