Shiori Mikage
Mikage Shiori
Gender Female
Classification Witch
Status Alive
Manga Witch Craft Works Chapter 34 (short appearance)

Shiori Mikage is the mother of Natsume Mikage and older sister to Kyouichirou Mikage.


Shiori greatly resembles her daughter, having the same star-laden eyes and black hair. She typically dresses in black, preferring extravagant lace gowns.


Shiori is very domineering and strict, not hesitating to order around her daughter. However, she also has a surprisingly sweet side which she doesn't hesitate to show to Honoka or Komachi.


Shiori was in the same class as Kazane Kagari and Komachi Takamiya. As a teenager Shiori was of fragile health and was picked on until Komachi stood up for her which led to Komachi becoming to new class scapegoat until Kazane arrived. She decided from then on to devote herself to Komachi in order to repay her kindness, including having her daughter specially raised to support Takamiya and even be a potential wife for him (which was dashed when he became engaged to Ayaka Kagari).


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