Rinon Otometachibana
Witch Craft Works-OP-00.51 Rinon
Otometachibana Rinon
Epithet "Rinon the Bear Killer" (熊殺しのりのん Kuma-goroshi no Rinon?)
Gender Female
Classification Witch
Occupation Student
Affiliation Tougetsu High School
Status Alive

Noriko Shitaya


Rinon Otometachibana (乙女橘りのん?) is one of the five workshop witches assigned to protect the city. She is first introduced as leader of female delinquents who damages school property to make Honoka Takamiya step down as student council president. She got her title, "The Bear Killer" after strangling a tiger named "Lucky Bear" to death.


Her basic costume never changes: a heavy yellow hoodie with a skeletal trim and some unusual affectations, the most prominent being the white horn with red crosses, attached to one side of her costume hood.


Most of the time, her behavior is of a "toughie": mean, belligerent, and uncaring about the welfare of the school.

When she is willing to show concern, she is capable of civilized conduct, but this so far has proved a form of disguise or ruse. When she removes the facade, her true behavior comes out, and she lashes out without remorse (often speaking with nasty types of profanity).


Early on, in the anime; she shows no allegiances. Even going to the point of picking a serious fight, with intention to beat Honoka senseless. Honoka Takamiya wins that fight, and thereby silences his critics.

In episode 9, she shows herself to be a Workshop Witch with Kasumi Takamiya as an apprentice. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Aside from her physical assets, which border on the remarkable (being able to use pugilist or boxing skills effectively); up to the latest chapter[Note 1], Rinon has shown no witchcraft skills at all. Her physical strength is absurd, she got her title "Bear Killer" after strangling a tiger named "Lucky Bear", which seems to be a Siberian Tiger, a large specie of tiger, she easily lifted Honka Takamiya in his human mode with little effort. However, comparing to Ayaka's term of strength, her strength level may not be even close to it.


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