1. An ancient Witch Contract. Covering the need to be strong, elegant and beautiful. A contract once used by rulers with their Familiars or knights. The contract terms was very important.
  2. "When you display elegance and beauty, you gain the protection of the Noblesse oblige."
  3. "Noblesse oblige buffs the contracted person for ten times more magic power than what she is suppose to receive."
  4. "When Noblesse oblige is deactivated, the 10X buff is removed. Also, other special privileges could be turned off. Like injury transfer or invulnerability."
  5. As long as one behaves politely and elegantly at all times, the special contract would grant massive benefits.
  6. Ayaka committed infidelity by having two contracts at once, which is a violation.
  7. Once Noblesse oblige is broken, one needs to be on their best behaviour for a while before the contract is repaired. However Ayaka had recover on that same night. This was because prior to her being locked up, Kazane used a bunch of crazy spells to repair the contract for her. Kazane warned Ayaka that she wouldn't help her a second time.