Natsume Mikage
深影 棗
Mikage Natsume
Gender Female
Classification Witch
Occupation Student
Affiliation Tougetsu Academy
Status Alive

Mai Ishihara

Manga Witch Craft Works Chapter 18
Anime Witch Craft Works Episode 9

Natsume Mikage (深影 棗?) is the leader of five Workshop Witches from Tougetsu Junior High School that cooperate with Kazane Kagari to protect Tougetsu City. She also happens to be the niece of chemistry teacher Kyoichiro Mikage.


Natsume has deep dark brown hair of bob cut and azure eyes. She necessarily wears glasses and usually seen in her witch attire or school uniform.



Natsume's actual background is unknown. However, she is implied to be the candidate of the Mikage family's leader.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Natsume is an expert at analyzing her enemies and dismantling their strategies. She uses a storage-form spell-book she hides in her pocket. This spell-book evidently works even when the Workshop power-source is inoperative. Natsume leads a group of 5 witches who do the majority of work protecting the city under Kazane Kagari.


Shiori Mikage Edit

Natsume's mother. Shiori raised Natsume to believe she would marry Honoka when they came of age. There are indicator's that Natsume was not happy about that. Natsume has secretly helped Honoka and Ayaka and this could be to support their relationship so she doesn't have to marry Honoka.

Ayaka KagariEdit

Natsume seems to support Ayaka, probablyy in the hopes that Ayaka will marry Honoka and relieve Natsume of the burden. For a brief time in the Kasumi's World arc Ayaka accused Natsume of abducting Honoka but later apologized when she found out she was mistaken.

Honoka Takamiya Edit

Shiori raised Natsume under the belief that she should live her life to be a protector and marriage candidate for Honoka. She seemed relieved when Ayaka stepped in to take that role.

Kasumi TakamiyaEdit

Natsume and Kasumi are friends and fellow workshop witches. Kasumi is an alternate to the top 5 witches who protect the city, which Natsume leads.

Rinon OtometachibanaEdit

Rinon and Natsume are friends. Rinon defended Natsume when Ayaka was accusing her of doing something to Honoka in the Kasumi's World arc, enough so that she was willing to fight Ayaka to save Natsume from being interogated.

Kyoichiro MikageEdit

Natsume's uncle and Shiroi's brother. Natsume has a large portrait of Kyoichiro in her bedroom, she might secretly have a crush on him.

Atori KuramineEdit

Natsume and Atori are friends and fellow workshop witches. They are both in the top 5 protectors for the city.

Kazane KagariEdit

Natsume seems to support Kazane over her mother. This might be because she secretly does not wish to marry Honoka and wishes to see Ayaka marry him so she doesn't have to.


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