Witch Craft Works - 04 12.53
Classification Witch
Status Alive
Manga Witch Craft Works Chapter 4
Anime Witch Craft Works Episode 2

Makaron (摩訶ロン?) is Kasumi Takamiya's familiar.


Stuffed Animal ModeEdit

Makaron appears as simple bear-motif stuffed animal with colors of deep pink and dirty white. Makaron also has a British-motif ribbon on its choker and forehead.

Battle ModeEdit

Witch Craft Works - 04 12.53

Kasumi standing on Makaron.

Not much different from its Stuffed Animal Mode, Makaron in Battle mode has more colorful patterns on it and as a combat familiar, Makaron has a crown-like place for Kasumi to stand upon its head.


Makaron was actually Honoka Takamiya's gift for Kasumi on her fourteenth birthday. Its name is based after Honoka's favorite "Macaron" (マカロン Makaron?).


Takamiya-kun and the Witches' IntroductionsEdit

Witch Craft Works - 04 16.24

Makaron's capability to grow bigger.

Makaron appeared on Chapter 7 of the manga and Episode 4 of the anime. Here, Makaron fights over Tanpopo Kuraishi's shikigami, Soldier of Rabbits. Later, Rin Kazari's shikigami also appeared, but both were destroyed by the super large Makaron.

Takamiya-kun and Medusa and EvermillionEdit

Witch Craft Works - 05 20.53

Komachi hugging Makaron.

In this arc, Makaron only appeared to be with Komachi Takamiya, taking its appearances in scenes to prove its existence. In the manga, Komachi noticed its existence and even mentioned it as "and one animal" (と1匹?).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Makaron has a great power of growing its size, and able to explode things it stepped into.



  • Makaron is voiced by Ai Kayano, who also voices Kasumi.