Kotetsu Katsura
Witch Craft Works-OP-00.46
かつら 虎徹
Katsura Kotetsu
Gender Female
Classification Witch
Occupation Student
Status Alive

Natsumi Hioka

Manga Witch Craft Works Chapter 2
Anime Witch Craft Works Episode 1
Kotetsu Katsura (かつら 虎徹 Katsura Kotetsu?) is a tower witch and an underling of Medusa. She is transferred with other tower witches after the second loss of Tanpopo Kuraishi, to Honoka Takamiya's class.


Katsura Kotetsu, along with Ayaka Kagari, is one of the few characters described by the pictures as actually looking like a Japanese girl. She is of moderate and regular height, mildly shapely, with black hair and black eyes. Her normal expression is surprisingly gentle.

However, even when presented to the class (along with the rest of her KMM Gang partners), the wrapped Katana Sword across her shoulder is a dead giveaway of her violent intentions. She is the only KMM Gang  member so blunt in her presentation.


While not as reserved as Rin Kasari, Kotetsu Katsura is fairly quiet and sedate. She tends to follow the lead of the unofficial leader of the KMM Gang, Kuraishi Tanpopo.

However, she is a strong supporter of the Gang, and hits as hard as she can; whenever asked.

Privately, it is apparent she is capable of a friendly and kind demeanor. Even sociable at times, she is a member of the Katana (Kotetsu) Club.


She transfers, along with her other four comrades, in to Honoka Takamiya's class. The very next day, Kotetsu's Gang gets attacked, by Ayaka Kagari and defeated by her (as a response to the KMM Gang's own attack). After some days, she and her gang, again attacks Honoka and Ayaka and were wiped out in an instant by Ayaka.


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