Komachi Takamiya
Witch Craft Works - 05 01.54
多華宮 小町
Takamiya Komachi
Gender Female
Classification Human
Occupation Office Lady
Affiliation Tougetsu Academy (graduated)
Status Alive
Manga Witch Craft Works Chapter 7 (short appearance)
Anime Witch Craft Works Episode 4 (short appearance)
Komachi Takamiya (多華宮 小町?) is the mother of both Honoka and Kasumi. She was the best friend of Kazane Kagari in school.


Komachi is a woman of average height and slender build. She has long, dark brown hair tied into a braid (though in the manga her hair is lighter). Her eyes are almost always closed and she is perpetually smiling. She has a beauty mark below her left eye and her ears are pierced. Honoka also says she has a large scar on her back similar to one Ayaka Kagari has on her abdomen. She's never said how she got it, but she has said it's "special."

Typically she is seen wearing her work uniform.


Komachi is a very sweet, gentle woman almost to the point of being a doormat. She is very bad at handling confrontations and weak emotionally, such as when her daughter snapped at her and caused Komachi to become lethargic. Honoka claims she has several stages of depression, though just getting a call from Kazane caused her to snap out of her funk.

She is extremely supportive of Honoka and Ayaka's relationship (though she is unaware of their true relationship) to the point where she encourages them to take the initiative with each other. She even had Ayaka wear a nurse uniform as she thought Honoka would like it. 


Witch Craft Works - 05 02.49

Komachi and Kazane on their high school days.

In her youth, Komachi attended the same high school as Kazane Kagari. Komachi was something of the class scapegoat at the time, constantly being picked on by her peers. Kazane, disgusted by such behavior, proceeded to beat up their entire class. The two of them became close friends and she fell in love with Kazane, to the point of almost marrying her. But that failed, so she vowed to arrange the marriage between their kids.


Takamiya-kun and the Witches' IntroductionsEdit

Komachi only barely appeared in this arc for greeting Honoka after he woke up, before being teased by Kasumi.

Takamiya-kun and Medusa and EvermillionEdit

Komachi was heavily featured in this arc, covering her lack of appearances in the previous arc.

  • Komachi bows to Ayaka.
  • The high school Kazane and Komachi.
  • Komachi cries the whole day.
One morning, Komachi bows to Ayaka, leaving every single thing about Honoka to Ayaka. While Ayaka is enjoying her drink, the three (Honoka, Kasumi, and Makaron) screaming in disagreement; there Komachi warns them about her being a crybaby, and tells them Honoka is Ayaka's fiance.

Kasumi becomes insanely angry, telling Komachi that she won't accept it. Komachi then explains that it was her plan with Kazane Kagari―Ayaka's mom. Kasumi continues to stop Komachi, but Komachi then responds with everything Kasumi has been doing to Honoka. Kasumi tries to oppose it with "little sister's right." Komachi, running out of ideas, then has Kasumi stay put at home; letting Honoka "run away" with Ayaka.

Within 24 hours after his departure, Honoka then returns home (because Ayaka's home was destroyed), much to Komachi's pleasant surprise because he brought Ayaka.

  • Komachi shocked.
  • Kasumi apologize to Komachi.
  • Kazane-chan is coming!

The next morning, Kasumi's rage because of Ayaka in the Takamiya residence, knows no bounds. Komachi asked why Kasumi is out the whole night, but Kasumi continues raging upon her mother and tells Komachi to not interfere, accusing Komachi of being a stupid mother. Then Komachi lies down on the floor, and Honoka tells Kasumi to quickly apologize or he'll be very angry at her. After Honoka places Komachi on a futon, Kasumi apologizes and Honoka calls someone from Komachi's office, to explain about Komachi's condition; while Kasumi and Ayaka continue their breakfast.

Later, while Komachi's sleeping, Kazane calls and leave a message that she's coming over, which wakes Komachi up and creates great joy for Komachi.



  • (to Honoka)"I never said anything before, but it's not like I was trying to hide it. I was just never asked. I didn't do anything wrong, so don't blame me, okay? I am a crybaby and if I start bawling, we'll never get dinner. Anyway, Honoka-kun, Ayaka Kagari-san is your fiancee."