Witch Craft Works - OP 00.52

The KMM Gang (KMM団 KMM-dan?) is a group of Tower Witches who work under their leader Medusa.


Tanpopo Kuraishi (倉石 たんぽぽ Kuraishi Tanpopo?)
A member of KMM Gang. She has animal ears and a Shikigami User (式神使い Shikigami Tsukai?). She is the first witch who attacked Honoka Takamiya and led him to the world of Witches. After that, she transferred into Tougetsu Academy and barged in Honoka's class, ended up being fighting and defeated with/by Ayaka Kagari.
Mei Menowa (目野輪 冥 Menowa Mei?)
A member of KMM Gang and the most genius one. She uses a black slime to manipulate the space distortion. She wears an eyepatch covering her right eye, and have her pet―Coast Fenrir (コーストフェンリル Kosuto Fenriru?) wear its pair.
Rin Kazari (飾 鈴 Kazari Rin?)
Nicknamed "Kazarin," Rin's power is a type of Necromancy named "Bone Animator" (骨使い(ボーンアニメーター) Hone Tsukai (Bon Animeta)?, Bone User). She could sing well but her voice couldn't be heard well.
Kanna Utsugi (宇津木 環那 Utsugi Kanna?)
A close friend of Tanpopo. She uses the book of demon called "Black Vice" (ブラックヴァイス Burakku Vaisu?) that she carries on her back in witch mode. Her white eyes are natural.
Kotetsu Katsura (桂 虎鉄 Katsura Kotetsu?)
A member of KMM Gang. Her given name is based on the Japanese sword "Kotetsu" (虎鉄?), she also joined the Kendou Club of Tougetsu Academy.


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