Fire Dragon
Ayaka's Dragon
Gender Male (mentioned)
Classification Witch
Status Alive
Manga Witch Craft Works Chapter 16
Anime Witch Craft Works Episode 9


As its name applies, it is a dragon familiar formed by Ayaka Kagari in both anime and manga. It takes on different form but the most common is that of a large dragon made of flames. This is one of Ayaka's possible familiars. Unlike other familiars, this one doesn't speak, and it seems to be more fitted for battle and sparing training. In one form, when encountering Chronoire Schwarz VI, Its form is larger and fiercer, and has a ball-like entity inside its colossal jaws.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Its only known ability is "Fire Breath", which is the ability to breathe a powerful flame and has incredible strength (shown to knock out Honoka Takamiya with its tail alone, and easily break Medusa's Snake familiar, and mostly easily tossing Medusa) and speed (as shown in both anime and manga when training Honoka Takamiya) and also has the ability to fly, sometimes it keeps changing form in suiting the battlefield .


Besides showing deep respect and loyalty to Ayaka Kagari , this dragon doesn't show much personality but rage, power, and ferocity.